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My Orthodontix Story

My name is Willa Nicol and I am a participant in the Invisalign project.

My Journey started in 2015 when my parents thought that my teeth were not right, so took me to see Ronald Schuiter at Orthodontix.  I was unable to close my mouth due to “buck” teeth and the others were very crooked.  

After having x-rays and scans Ronald suggested a twin block.  When it was fitted, it was big and bulky, made my speech funny, my mouth sore, covered in ulcers and made me dribble everywhere - yuck!

I had the twin block for two years with limited results, so Ronald then suggested trying the new Invisalign that had “wings” on the side to help bring my jaw forward.

They were tight when they first went on, but I soon got used to them.  The best part - they are virtually invisible and discreet - Important for image conscience pre teens!.  I have had no ulcers, speech problems or discomfort with them.  Also no “Brace Face, or “Train track” comments from my peers! The results seemed to happen very quickly.  And now, after just 30 weeks I have a smile I am proud of, and beautiful straight teeth.  My family are so impressed with Invisalign that my younger brother and Mother have both got them now too!

I would not hesitate to recommend Invisalign to anyone,  Thank you Ronald, and Invisalign.

Willa N, age 12 - June, 2018

‚Äč5 star rating - Orthodontix reviews
It's definitely increased my son's self-esteem

Two of our boys are involved with Orthodontix. Our first son that now has his braces off is no longer self conscious but proud to show off his smile and has definitely increased his teenager self-esteem. Our second son is on his third year of treatment due to more intensive orthodontic treatment. We have found the staff are friendly, professional, happy and welcoming from when you enter the reception through to the treatment.

Ronald has been informative through both treatments and explained each treatment plan and process Orthodontix were going to use so that we understood how the treatment process was going to work with a continuously updated plan, along with a payment plan. The boys were very impressed with the modern technology at the rooms and the ability to look at their profiles on a USB stick. Appropriate referrals were made for our first son with correspondence between Ronald and the Orthodontic surgeon so
both were aware of the plan each were working towards the same outcome.

We have no hesitation to recommend Orthodontix to other families.

Rory H. - April, 2018
5 star rating - Orthodontix reviews

Kind, patient, and great with my boys

We have been involved with Ronald and the team at Orthodontix for around three years, as two of my children have required orthodontic treatment. I have always found the staff to be extremely welcoming, kind, patient, and great with my boys (especially if the boys have been a bit nervous about the next step of their treatment!)

I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Orthodontix/Lumino to anyone requiring orthodontic work done. (In fact, two of my friends now have their children as clients of Orthodontix on my recommendation!!)

Tracey K. - April, 2018
5 star rating - Orthodontix reviews


The staff and environment at Colombo St are warm, welcoming and not sterile like most typical dental surgeries. The team work well together and put effort into interacting with both client and guardians. Charlotte is so pleased with the outcome of her treatment and her sunny happy smile says it all.

We made her removal day a makeover day experience for her and she absolutely loved walking into school the next day with a bright shiny smile and huge change in hair. The compliments she received on both were a huge boost for her.

Parent of  Charlotte B. - April, 2018

5 star rating - Orthodontix reviews
Great experience and result

The whole experience was wonderful and I felt my son was very well looked after through each step. My son did comment that the female technicians were much more gentle than Ronald:) Thanks for a great experience and result with our son's teeth.

Parent of  Reuban A. - December, 2017