Your First Visit

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When you go somewhere for the first visit you are never quite sure what to expect. That's exactly what this information is for: to inform you what will happen on the first consultation at Orthodontix.

People come to see an orthodontist for a number of different reasons. You may have been referred by a dentist or a dental nurse, a friend or you may just be dissatisfied with the appearance of your teeth or the way your jaws meet.

The Goal of Orthodontics

Dentists and Orthodontists have the same goal:
“To make sure your teeth will have the greatest possible chance to last you a lifetime”.

Many, but not all people, may benefit from orthodontic treatment. In this first consultation we will try to determine whether, in your specific case, orthodontic treatment can contribute to your dental health and aid in the longevity of your dentition or improve your appearance.


This first visit would have three possible outcomes:
  1. No treatment indicated
  2. Treatment needed now or soon
  3. Too early to tell if treatment is needed
The first option speaks for itself. You are always welcome to come back if circumstances change and we will keep our notes of this initial consultation.

Outcome two is also straightforward. To complete our diagnosis we will schedule a new appointment to take further diagnostic records such as photographs, specialized X-rays and a set of dental impressions. We will then use these records to prepare a treatment plan with possible alternatives tailored to your needs, with all the financial implications, to be discussed separately.

When it is unclear if treatment is indicated or not, we would like to keep you under observation. We will ask you to come back at a later date, either to have records taken or to observe growth and dental development and to make sure that your dentition will be at the correct stage to begin treatment.

What to bring?

Obviously yourself. If X-rays have been taken, please bring these with you, since we don't want to expose you to any unnecessary radiation by taking new ones.

If we have sent or given you a new patient and medical history form, please bring these as well, completed to the best of your knowledge and signed. If you think your problem is related to an ACC case, please bring all your ACC documentation with you.

How long will it take?

This complementary initial consultation takes twenty minutes on average. We have this time reserved for you and will try our best to adhere to the appointment time.

If you fail to attend your appointment or do not give 24 hours’ notice of cancellation you can incur a charge of $80.00.

Additional Questions

If you have any specific questions please make sure you ask them, as we would like you to leave the office with as clear an understanding as possible of your specific needs and how we can best help.

At the end of this consultation appointment, we will advise whether you or your child are a candidate for treatment. At that stage, you will have the choice of making further appointments for records and treatment planning or going home to consider your options. Further appointments can always be made by phone or e-mail. 

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